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Spintso REFCOM®


Developed in Sweden, Spintso REFCOM® is a wireless communication system developed by referees for referees.

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Spintso REFCOM®

Spintso REFCOM® is used in many sports around the world from Handball to Futsal, Rugby and of course Football.

Developed in Sweden, Spintso REFCOM® is a wireless communication system developed by referees for referees. The radio is comes with a robust premium headset to provide high end sound delivery, providing great speech quality with noise reduction, and still remaining affordable. The Microcom headset includes a very sensitive microphone for a clear audio quality. Up to four people can speak simultaneously without loss of quality. The Spintso REFCOM® units are very compact and light weight and can be fit on the arm (standard pouch) or belt (Belt clip available seperately). Spintso REFCOM® is very user friendly with easy to use controls. It works on a license free 2,4 Ghz.

REFCOM® 3-set includes

3 REFCOM units, 3 Microcom headsets 3,5mm, Ear fitting adapter set, Curved finned ear tips, Black plastic clip,
3 armbags, 1 charger, 1 manual, 1 tape, cleaning napkin, Master/AD stickers and 1 storage bag.

Spintso REFCOM® Technical Specifications

Voice Operated Transmission
Ambient noise cancellation using DSP (One microphone alg.)
Encryption (Std. Bluetooth encryption)
Compatible with premium headset
Line of site range 800 meters
Max number of connected radios – 4.
Numbers of simultaneous speakers – 4.
Radio channels A and B
Using license free 2.4GHz radio band
CE and FCC marked
Operational time 10 hrs
Operating temperature -10 to +45°C
Size / Weight (including antenna and battery) 123 x 47 x 21 mm/ 60g

When first turned on, the audio from the microphone will be quite low, but will automatically increase to the correct level oncevyou have been talking for a while.
It is recommended that all users count to 20 in the headset before you head out for your game, that will give the system enough time to set the microphone level. Once this is complete, each user can then adjust his/her volume to a comfortable level.


Single Set, Double Set, Triple Set, Quad Set


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