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SPINTSO Ref Watch 2X


The Spintso Ref Watch 2X features the Standard Referee Watch as in the Pro, an Advanced interval training watch, a stopwatch with 99 laps, and an alarm/Wake up Function.

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Spintso Ref Watch 2X

The Spintso Ref Watch 2X has the same smart referee watch function as the Spintso Ref Watch PRO model but the display is 20% smaller and it has beep sound instead of vibration.  The watch has a smart interval function. Useful for all kinds of training/Coaching. The Spintso Ref Watch 2X also has watch mode, wake up/alarm function and a stopwatch (99 laps).

Referee mode, multi-training mode, watch with alarm function and beep.

Number of periods (1-9)
Number of minutes for the period (1-99)
Number of minutes for the period break (1-99)

Four game watches work automatically together in one system during the match

  • Counting up (rolls all the time)
  • Counting down (stops when you stop the watch)
  • Counting additional time (starts when you stop the match time)
  • One Watch for break-time

An audible beep sounds every time you start and stop the timer.

Advanced interval training watch and a stopwatch with 99 laps.
Settings for interval training mode

Numbers of intervals (1-99)
Activity 1, Active Time (AT, hrs, min, sec)
Activity 2, Active Resting Time 
(ART hrs, min, sec)
Resting time, RT (min, sec)

An audible beep will alert you before every interval start/stop and when the last interval is finished.

Click here for a comprehensive instructional video from our friends at Spintso

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Add a tube of our Hand Sanitiser to your kitbag for just $3.50.