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Spintso Ref Watch 2S *WHITE*

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LIMITED EDITION Spintso Ref Watch 2s in WHITE!!

Now in stock be the envy of your fellow referees  with this Bad Boy.

These are very popular and selling fast.

4 in stock (can be backordered)

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The LIMITED EDITION Spintso Ref Watch 2S *WHITE* has the same smart referee watch function as PRO model but the display is 20 % smaller and it has bip-sound instead of vibrator. The watch has also a ordinary watch  mode and wake up function.

Spintso Ref Watch 2S Settings.

Number of periods (1-9)
Number of minutes for the period (1-99)
Number of minutes for the period break (1-99)

Four game watches work automatically together in one system during the match

  • Counting up (rolls all the time)
  • Counting down (stops when you stop the watch)
  • Counting additional time (starts when you stop the match time)
  • One Watch for break-time

An audible beep sounds everytime you start and stop the timer.

What’s the defintion of water resistant? 30m, 50m, 100m & 200m?

  • 30m is the same as 3ATM. The watch can handle a few drops of water.
  • 50m (5ATM) means the watch van handle short periods in water (shower/rain).
  • 100m (10ATM) means you can swim with the watch but not dive.
  • 200m (20ATM), means you can dive with the watch on.

Spintso Referee Watch 2S is capable of 100m/10ATM.

Spintso always recommend you use a certified watch repairer or return it to us to change the battery to be sure you don’t void the warranty.

Click here for a comprehensive instructional video from our friends at Spintso

1 review for Spintso Ref Watch 2S *WHITE*

  1. 2s is Good practical solution for refs and coaches particularly (junior coaches) for change overs, subs and transitions.

    I liked the white one (personal preference) so I picked this one – but it does tend to can get a bit dirty quickly – so for every day use there are other colors to choose from in this model.

    I also needed an alarm which 2x or Pro version don’t seem to have. 2x is exactly the same as Pro version only is a bit smaller so for young refs with good eyesight who don’t need big digits could also be a way to go.

    I specially liked the personal (local) service backed by Frank (the Owner) particularly in easy and helpful manner in which he deals with the soccer family.

    Guys if you want to buy anything don’t go pass Frank (this online shop) you wont be disappointed -5 Stars from me!

    Rated 5 out of 5
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