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Ref Audio Pro


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Discover the RefAudio Pro, a versatile and economical full duplex radio by RF Audio. Available through Essentialref in partnership with L&W sports communications, RefAudio Pro is trusted in various sporting applications across Australia & New Zealand. This best-selling ‘plug & play’ device offers outstanding value, boasting practical features. With clear audio, RefAudio Pro facilitates up to 5-user full-duplex communication on 24 separate channels. Upgrade your on-field communication with RefAudio Pro today!

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Introducing RefAudio Pro: The Versatile and Economical Full Duplex Radio by RF Audio

Discover the RefAudio Pro, the must-have full duplex radio brought to you by Essentialref in partnership with L&W sports communications. As an esteemed reseller, we are thrilled to offer you this Tried and Tested Ref Audio Pro, widely used in various sporting applications across Australia & New Zealand. Counted as our best-selling product, this radio is sure to exceed your expectations while delivering exceptional value for money.

Designed with practicality in mind, the RefAudio Pro is a ‘plug & play’ device that boasts an array of impressive features. Trusted and favoured by Football West, this lightweight and compact transceiver caters to all your communication needs on the field.

Key Features of the RefAudio Pro

1. Backlit LED Screen with Full Function Display: Stay in control with the easy-to-read backlit LED screen that provides a comprehensive display of functions.

2. Crystal Clear Audio Quality: Enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication, ensuring every message is heard loud and clear.

3. Full-Duplex Communication with Up to 5 Users: Engage in seamless real-time conversations with up to five users simultaneously, while accommodating an additional 94 listen-only users.

4. 24 Separate Channels: Benefit from the flexibility of 24 separate channels for smooth and interference-free communication.

5. Frequency Agile – Available in AU/NZ and USA Versions: Adapt to different frequency requirements with ease, available in both AU/NZ and USA versions.

6. Impressive Talk Range: Experience reliable communication with a talk range of up to 200 meters in line of sight.

7. Seamless Integration with Video Cameras: Fully integrate the RefAudio Pro with video cameras, enhancing your audio-visual experience.

8. Water-Resistant Design (IP54): Rest assured with the radio’s water-resistant capabilities, ensuring durability even in challenging conditions.

9. Sidetone Function: Enjoy added convenience with the sidetone feature that allows you to hear your own voice while speaking.

10. Listen-Only Conversion: Easily switch to listen-only mode when required, providing flexibility during various activities.

11. Adjustable Microphone Gain Settings: Personalize your audio settings with adjustable microphone gain settings for optimal performance.

12. Software Upgradeable: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements through software upgrades.

13. Press-to-Mute Function: Control your communication effortlessly with the press-to-mute function.

14. Lockable Main Menu: Prevent accidental changes by locking the main menu securely.

15. Convenient Micro-USB Charging: Charge your RefAudio Pro conveniently using a micro-USB cable.

Experience the RefAudio Pro’s unbeatable performance and discover why it’s the top choice for sporting professionals across the region. Upgrade your communication game and get your RefAudio Pro today!

Each Refaudio Pro set comes with the following;-
3x Ref Audio Pro Radios
3x Airtube / Mic Head Sets, Open
3x Arm Pouches
1x USB Charger
1x Large Carry Case

We can also supply additional radios for the 4th Official along with Push To Talk head sets, Boom Mic Head Sets and Listen Only Head Sets, just get in touch and we will be happy to assist.


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